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The Angela Stanton Story

Angela Stanton-King is a former U.S. Congressional Candidate for Georgia’s 5th District and the Founder and President of the American King Foundation – whose mission is to reunite American families separated by mass incarceration and Human Trafficking with a pathway to justice, economic stability, and relational wellness.

She serves as the community outreach coordinator for The Alive Center – a place of help, hope, and healing for hurting people. Angela is an active board member for Beacon Leadership Academy, and an advisor for Cando Clemency and Alveda King Ministries. She is also the Georgia Regional State Coordinator for Coalition of
Leaders United and a very well known outspoken public figure.

Since her release from Prison in 2005, the celebrated owner of Stanton Publishing House, and former Reality TV star of the BET Network docuseries “From the Bottom Up” has been mentored by her Godmother Evangelist Alveda King and has joined her in being a prolific voice in the Pro-Life Movement. Angela has also formed several organizations dedicated to restoring values, healing victims of sexual abuse, and assisting disadvantaged persons.

As a community activist, the accomplished writer, speaker, founder, and philanthropist uses her life story, a testimony of redemption, to make a profound positive impact in today’s social and political climate. Her agenda of prison reform and family unification brings hope to all Americans.

Angela is a criminal justice reform advocate who helped pass the First Step Act signed into law by President Donald J. Trump on December 18, 2019. Her story of being chained to a bed during childbirth encouraged President Trump to enact laws making it illegal for women to be chained. The horrendous experience was well documented in her National Best-Selling Memoir Life of a Real Housewife (formerly Lies of a Real Housewife) in which Angela set the record straight and placed all her past dirty deeds on display for public view.

On February 18, 2020, Angela was given a full unconditional Pardon from President Donald J. Trump after her 2004 conviction on federal conspiracy charges for her role in a car theft ring. She spent more than two years in prison. In a statement by the White House following her Feb.18 pardoning, Trump said: “(Stanton-King) overcame a difficult childhood to become a champion for redemption and rehabilitation for all who strive for a better life.”

Angela has a heart for the restoration of our prisoners, the rehabilitation of our homeless, the protection of our children, and the empowerment of the next generation of Georgians. I believe that the healing and equipping of our vulnerable populations will lead to the flourishing of our city, and the defense of our God-given freedoms will enable us to prosper.

As her story goes to show, every life is worth investing in, every life can make a difference, every life matters.

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